“(...) porque la vida se ríe de las previsiones y pone palabras donde imaginábamos silencios y súbitos regresos cuando pensábamos que no volveríamos a encontrarnos.”

( because life laughs at predictions and introduces words where we imagined silences, and sudden returns when we thought we would never see each other again)

Jose Saramago

For Ray, this quote by the Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago is exemplary of the challenges people face. Life is full of unexpected occurrences but knowing how to approach and deal with them is how we can lead a fulfilling life


Ray has been a consultant and coach for clients of all walks of life – business professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, and corporate employees of all ages. Ray has helped them find success, happiness, and meaning in all areas of their personal and professional lives.
Ray is also an expert business strategist and analyst. His diverse corporate client list includes tech companies, attorney offices, banking corporations, and creative agencies.



From a young age, Ray has become quite accomplished. Soon after graduating college with a degree in Finance and Accounting, he worked for large entertainment companies and quickly rose to the top of his field due to his analytic and strategic skills. Ray has also worked in banking and media in New York City. Currently, he is also the CFO of the clothing brand, CARVOE. Ray is a film producer with 2 premieres in the 2016 and 2017 at the Berlin Film Festival. His robust and diverse professional background helps him better understand people of all walks of life and any underlying challenges they may have. Having spent ample time in the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, and the United States, Ray is able to relate to people across different cultures and beliefs.